Southeast Michigan Flute Association

2021 Flute Ensemble Festival

Virtual Performance Project Submission

As part of the Flute Ensemble Festival, SEMFA is open to submissions of new flute ensemble video projects, or performances, made within the past year. SEMFA is defining "flute ensemble" as two or more flutes. Preference will be given to premiers at the Flute Ensemble Festival. Videos may be up to 10 minutes in length, and should be submitted as mp4 files. Deadline for submission is June 5, 2021. Apps such as mixcloud, acappella, and upbeatmusic may be helpful. Please follow appropriate COVID-19 protocol if submitting a live performance video.

SEMFA Membership is not required to submit a video. Membership, or event fee will be required to view the videos at the Flute Ensemble Festival. Videos will be premiered on SEMFA's YouTube Channel and available to registered attendants for the Flute Ensemble Festival. A schedule will be posted and shared prior to the event. 

To submit a performance, please complete this Google Form. 

If you have questions, please contact us at


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Non-Member Flute Ensemble Festival Registration Fee

Purchase a non-member Flute Ensemble Festival Registration Fee ($10.00) for access to all events and performances at the 2021 Flute Ensemble Festival.